Location Ideas

We've listed a variety of location ideas for you to choose from below. These locations are located in and around Dallas, TX and the DFW area. We are open to any locations you would like your session to take place at. If you have any questions about any of these locations, please reach out to us.

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Dallas Arboretum - Dallas, TX

Cost for admission: Free admission for up to 3 clients (first come first serve) with our Membership. Additional guests are $15 each paid directly to the location. 

The opportunities are truly endless in this beautiful garden of gardens! Choosing the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens allows you to have a variety of backgrounds and styles of nature for your session. You also get a great workout out of it! 

Studio House - McKinney, TX

Cost for admission: Depends on amount of time requested. Contact us for more information.

This is a versatile, modern, and updated house located in the heart of McKinney. When it's too cold outside or raining, this is your best option for your photos! This location includes a full kitchen, bathroom, living area, and bedrooms with multiple props ready for us to use! 




Prairie Creek Park - Richardson, TX

Cost for admission: Free

This beautiful park has a great waterfall and bridge area, along with many trees. If you are looking for the perfect nature scene, this is the place for your session. 

DOwntown Dallas, TX

Cost for admission: Free

The opportunities are endless in Downtown Dallas! The beautiful architecture is the perfect addition to your sessions. Whether you'd like a morning, afternoon, or sunset shoot in Downtown Dallas, you won't be disappointed. 

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Deep Ellum - Dallas, TX

Cost for admission: Free

Deep Ellum is full of character and cool spots! The art is unique and the overall vibe of Deep Ellum is just fun all around. You are bound to have a great time in Deep Ellum for your session!

Adriatica - McKinney, TX

Cost for admission: Free

The Adriatica is a breath taking location for your photos. It's a fairly new development in McKinney and it has a unique, European inspired style. This location is perfect for any kind of photoshoot you desire!


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Ben Gil Park - Terrell, TX

Cost for admission: Free

Ben Gil Park is a popular park in Terrell! During the Spring and Summer, the park comes alive with vibrant colors. The pond also has turtles, ducks, and birds that add a unique touch to your photos. 

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge - Dallas, TX

Cost for admission: Free

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is a breath taking bridge located just outside of downtown Dallas. The view is incredible as your walk down the bridge. There are typically people exercising or kids playing along the bridge which adds a nice fun vibe to the location. You just can't get a bad shot at this bridge! 



Harry Myers Park - Rockwall, TX

Cost for admission: Free

Harry Myers Park is located in the suburbs of Rockwall, Texas. This park offers a variety of photo opportunities with a long wooden fence, a gazebo, tons of nature, a pond, and more! 

Samuell Farm - Sunnyvale, TX

Cost for admission: Free

Samuell Farm is so big, a highway divides it in two! This location is perfect if you want your photos to consist of a lot of nature. There are a few barns on the property that add the perfect rustic look to your photos, as well as a bunch of trees that add the perfect amount of greenery. 

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Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

Cost for admission: Depends on the amount of time requested. Please contact us for more information.

These gardens are located in the heart of Fort Worth, just off the highway. The opportunities are endless here! They offer great rates for weddings and of course, great photo opportunities. 

Fort Worth Wedding & Elopement

Trinity Park - Fort Worth, TX

Cost for admission: Free

Trinity Park is a location that captured out hearts the first time we experienced it! Just off of Trinity River, this park has a stunning view of Fort Worth. There are also many photo opportunities here, and you just might get a great workout out of this location!